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-Pharmacy Education Career

Who is writing this?

I am Ratnakar; based out of Bengaluru. My passion is to get into core of the subject I am pursuing. I believe I should be very clear in my approach. My goal should be clear and without any blemishes. However, I am aware the approach will change as per the changing scenarios. Everything in this world is dynamic. I have completed my Bachelor of Science degree. I got the opportunity to enrol in Diploma in Pharmacy course. I remember the moment fondly. I am happy I got to enter pharmacy world. The certificate course taught me a lot. It gave me basics of the exciting pharma world. Any specific education stream if pursued vigorously will bring in wealth of knowledge. The beauty of gathering knowledge is that the power gained makes the individual completely selfless. It is said that a full pot does not make any sound. Similarly a person who has acquired sufficient knowledge and is pursuing more knowledge will be very happy to distribute the knowledge to all seekers. I have imbibed a very little of pharmacy subject but it is very exciting. A thought occurred to me, why not I pass on my learnt ideas to others? It may help aspiring students and their parents. The purpose is to give accurate information to parents who wish to learn about pharmacy course, especially Diploma in pharmacy.

What is my firm?

I have put in around 22 years of service in medical domain. By virtue of being a pharmacy diploma holder, I have more in depth knowledge about the course and its application in modern world. I have created a start-up firm. The name of the firm is 'S cube relations'. Please see the image below,

The above logo is created by me with a purpose. I feel mentioning a few lines about the purpose behind creating this logo. I am sure once you understand the idea than my intention about writing this blog will be more authentic. The S letter stands for two daughters whose name starts with S alphabet. The cube represents three S, the third S is my sister's granddaughter. The two cute little girls in the centre is my fond memory of my daughters. They are as cute as the two cuties in the image. Relations word depicts the foundation of my firm 'S Cube Relations'. The yellow colour surrounding the centre image is actually golden yellow colour. Golden yellow colour depicts the higher spiritual quotient. The entire image is surrounded by hands holding image. I intend to surround all my activities with a beautiful relationship.

Dilemma of parent and student alike.

The above picture is highly descriptive by itself. The confusion is contagious. More than the child, it is the parents who are at cross roads. This happens to all the parents when their child passes out of 10+2 stream. This is the life changing time and proper decision has to be made.

Let me help you to make the right decision. Pharmacy education is the evergreen subject. The course is modelled in a way that each stage enables the student to achieve some degree of satisfaction. There are many stages in pharmacy education. I will explain them in the later stages of this writing. Before I go into explaining pharmacy course benefits, the first step is to research about pharmacy education. Every parent will opt for this to satisfy the curiosity. It is the right step since their precious child is going to build a career.

There are many options to choose from. Each education stream requires careful viewing, reviewing and knowledge gathering. Digital media is the first choice for anyone who wishes to learn more. All the information is available on the net. Once the required knowledge is gathered, the major task is to assess and streamline. This can partially be achieved by calls, emails and other available resources. Can one make a decision based on the knowledge gathered so far? Obviously not. What next? One needs to connect with local center who has knowledge and experience about the course details. This is where S cube relations plays an important role. Parents will gather immense knowledge because S cube relations is at the helm of the affairs. S cube relations has knowledgeable resources who will give accurate information about pharmacy education.

My knowledge of pharma education

After completing my Bachelor of Science education, I started working in medical domain as medical representative. I was meeting doctors and explaining about pharma products. During my discussion I confronted many medical terminologies. I was faced with a piquant situation; I am here in front of the doctor, I am required to inform why this drug and how the drug is useful in a particular health issues. Of course I had extensive training before starting working in the field. The situation on the field right in front of a medical expert is entirely different. I decided that I must upgrade my knowledge of medicine. The desire led me to new knowledge that to study the details of medicine and related terminologies, I must study other related, important subjects. Human physiology, pharmacology, bio chemistry are the subjects which are required to be studied. Now I had many choices, the most common activity is self-study but I was doubtful the extent of knowledge I can gather. Furthermore, my self-learning will not be in a structured way. I happen to meet principal of a pharmacy college. I discussed with gym on my predicament. He listened patiently and suggested me to join Diploma course. He further added that hat the diploma course will help me open new windows into the world of pharmacy. Diploma course is the stepping stone into other exciting educational options. True to his words, I found out that Diploma is the first step to enter into exciting world of pharmacy education. Subjects like human physiology, pharmacology, bio chemistry along with practical work outs, enables a satisfying experience.

Different pharmacy degrees in nut-shell.

Pharma education starts with the basic diploma certificate. Diploma is the first step into the world of pharmacy course. The diploma course is usually for 2-3 years. The duration varied from one country to another. To get admission into diploma course the student must have completed 10+2 years of basic education. Once the student successfully completes diploma course then the option to get admission into Bachelor course opens. Bachelor of pharmacy course is very exhaustive. The course are built in such a way that the student is completely enriched in the knowledge. Usually the duration of course varies from 4-5 years. The variation of duration is again from country to country but the centre theme of education remains the same. The next option for the student is Master in pharmacy course. As the name suggests a student will take up his particular subject as the core study. The student is propelled towards the top position in the hierarchy of pharma achievers. Student gains recognition and is much south after in pharma sector. A student can further achieve pinnace of pharma education by going in for doctorate degree. Student is now second to none in pharmacy knowledge. I am sure you would like to see your child in that position.

Benefits of pharmacy diploma to me.

As I mentioned in this blog, I wanted to gain more knowledge in order to effectively perform my official duties. I wanted to learn medical terminologies with their actual meaning. I knew I cannot learn as much as practical medical practitioner but I wanted to convey the message effectively. Diploma in pharmacy course helped me achieve this. I could talk to doctors, paramedical staff in concise medical terminologies. I am not bluffing but the education propelled me into a league of achievers in my company. I gained lot of recognition as a successful medical representative. Company used to ask me in open meetings about my opinion on the marketing achievement prospects of a new launch. If I say positive, which usually is the fact, my indicated target numbers would become the benchmark for other team members to achieve. When I later graduated from pharma marketing to software marketing for health care domain the benefits of pharmacy diploma continued. I am able to connect with health care owners on the features of hospital software in an appropriate language. I can also connect with staff on the usage of the software as per the work flow of the health care centre. I know majority of pharmacy drug molecules available in the market. I have basic knowledge of the benefits of the drug. I explain on the treatment pattern after prescribed by a medical practitioner. Overall I thank my college, my professors for teaching me and equipping me with the right knowledge.

Advantages of pharma education

The specialty of pharma education is that it is not only industry specific but also a highly enriching course. Not only in India but world over, pharma education is the prerequisite to enter into the world of medicine. Like a medical doctor is the only person capable of diagnosing, treating and following up on patients; a pharma educated persons is the only person to understand the prescription of a doctor. A pharmacist can only dispense drugs. Pharmacist is the only person who can explain in basic terms the significance of diagnostic chart. Research in medical domain is a continuous affair. A pharma graduate is the only person who is involved in discovery of a drug. In the presented pandemic, all look at medical research labs for solution. Humanity is waiting for right anti-virus to contain the spread of the disease. We can recall periodic pandemic situation in the world. In 18th century we had plague and cholera. It resulted in extensive deaths in some part of the world. An effective cure was found with the effort of research labs. This century we have seen the impact of SAARS and HIV in our lives. A perfect anti-virus is yet to be found but the preventive methods is already established. Preventive measures can only be found when we know the methodology of onset of a disease. That is pharma education for you. Take the present coved pandemic, we all know the preventive measures again due to awareness of the spread of the virus. Very soon an effective anti-virus will be discovered to benefit humanity. I am sure you would like to introduce your daughter or son into this exciting pharma world. You need to only email me for assistance. My email id is given at the bottom of this writing.

Study Environment

Let us assume the decision is made to enrol your kid into pharmacy education. You will agree with me that study environment is very important to pursue any education. Better place to stay, ambient environment, good food and availability of places to relax are too important to forget. I am referring to my native place, Bengaluru (old name Bangalore) as an ideal place to pursue pharmacy education. Bangalore is almost Bengaluru is situated at a height of 920 m (1020 ft.). By virtue of this Bengaluru enjoys ambient temperature all year. It is hug off electronics and fondly called Silicon Valley. There are numerous world class hospitals in Bengaluru. Bengaluru houses major international companies. Business organizations prefer Bengaluru for all the above but most important is the cosmopolitan population. There is ample freedom to practice one’s faith. There are plenty of events held regularly. Social meetings help to meet likeminded individuals. One has opportunities to expand not only educational knowledge but also social recognition. Bengaluru occupies a pride place in world map. I am sure the writing excites you. Do you want to know more? Do you want to get authenticated information of pharmacy education in Bengaluru? Do you want to talk to right person over telephone? Whatever your queries, depend on ‘S Cube Relations’. We will give you first-hand information. Write to us, talk to us, we are ever ready to listen to you. We will help you to make informed decision.

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