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Multiple highly useful services from 'S CUBE RELATIONS'

I am a market bred professional. I am a science graduate and slowly added professional qualifications. I completed Masters in business administration, Diploma in pharmacy and digital marketing certificates.

This I mentioned with an intention to tell the readers that I am a determined person and apply that intensely to all walks of my life. I worked in health care ddomain right from medical representative and slowly rose to the position of marketing manager.

My professional journey took me to various places in India as well as to South East Asian countries. It was fun and educative to be at different places and meet different people. I spent 25 years in marketing and sales domain.

It was 2017 and the time was ripe to put all my experience into my own small startup. 'S CUBE RELATIONS' was thus born.

What other business can I look into than putting my own experience for the benefit of others.

I started with supporting firms in online marketing of their products and services. There was a steady addition to my client list. I took up challenges of marketing for varied product range. Software products, FMCG products and ready made food products.

As the years rolled by I felt that I should expand my offerings to take uip more marketing jobs. Digital marketing became very important part of marketing. I completed certificate course in digital marketing as well practiced intensely poster and video editing tasks.

I am now offering multiple marketing support activities like online/offline support, digital marketing support and poster and video editing service.

I am open to professionals/freelancers join me in offering their specialized services.

I am listing my present activities,

1, Online marketing support

2. Offline marketing support

3. Article/blog writing support

4. Digital marketing support

5. poster and video creation support

6. Finance software professional support.

I extend warm welcome to professionals who want to work under the banner of company. They will have to associate with us and conduct their business. Clients always look to get service from companies and are shy of getting their work done by individuals/freelancers. It is a win win situation for both of us.

Welcome I await your suggestions and supportl

I am available at

contact me at 8884540400 (Whatsapp call)

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