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Marketing principles-View from Nature.

Updated: May 5, 2023

The beginning

Everything has a beginning in this world. Plants start growing from a tiny seed and become a huge tree. Each seed will grow and take shape according to the embedded genetic code imprinted in the seed. A tiny part of a matter metamorphoses into a huge rock over a period of time. The process is automatic and regular in the inanimate world. We call it nature. The animate species is also a part of this beautiful world. Nature plays a vital role in shaping life on this earth. Nature has a system set in place. Nature maintains the balance. Nature corrects the imbalance before it disrupts the delicate balance. I am sure the present pandemic is being contained by nature in its own way. Correcting the imbalance may seem to be destructive in the beginning but everyone will soon realize that the corrective measures have benefitted the entire population. If we look at various pandemics from the early 18th century; we will observe that all started slowly, reached the peak, and then subsided. I am not getting into details of the stages of each pandemic and how they are contained.

I am making an effort to draw relation to nature’s systematic method and applying the method to marketing activities and methods.

Lead Generation

Mother nature: Nature begins the activity by germination of seed. Germination begins with a proper environment. We all know the right type of soil (as applicable to a particular seed), optimum moisture, the adequate intensity of sunlight are all major contributors in the process of germination of a seed. Nature has cleverly set the season for a particular type of plant growth. Nature is so charming, it first creates the ideal situation for a seed to grow. The growth of a seed is fast and seed attains an important stage in growth. I am terming it as important due to the ability of the plant to sustain adversities in the environment. The roots grow deep, the stem grows tall, the plant will have many branches, the leaves grow full and wide. This stage is important because the plant has developed the capabilities to grow even in difficult, different environmental conditions.

Thought force in Marketing

The beginning of marketing activity starts with a thought process. The thought should be nurtured with hope, pragmatism, adventure, and immense confidence. The thought then manifests into actions. The thought will be so strong that it even overcomes the laziness or inactivity phase and propels the person into activity. Thought induced action imbibed with confidence will solidify into a perfect pre-marketing activity. Action is full of vigor and vitality. The initial marketing thrust is always powerful. The important fact every marketer is oblivious to is, the impact of market forces. The market is always inundated with thoughts, actions, and aspirations of other similar or dissimilar marketers. In case of similar actions then there is always a conflict of interest. If there are dissimilar actions then one has to overcome the same.

Let me give my own example. I am a marketing digital display system for the healthcare domain and to corporate. On the outset, there are similar display systems available in the market. I am required to study the competitor's offerings, the features, and its advantages in comparison with my product and the overall advantages to the client. This is a case of a similar product.

This is the product I am promoting. Readers do you view the advantages it brings to your firm. You now have an internal subtle marketing system. It is easy to install and quick to operate.

There are other products that are marketed by the general name digital display system. Those products are entirely different in concept to my product. Prospective clients initially will not know the difference. The challenge for me is more complex. I cannot tell directly to the prospective client that his/her knowledge is limited. I also cannot say he/she has not made accurate evaluations of different offerings. I need to be firm but gentle in conveying the message.


Mother Nature: How does nature nurture the plants after they have grown to a certain stage? The initial environment provided by nature is vital for the future growth of the plant. Plant has developed robust deep roots. Wide branches with leaves sprouting in the branches. Plant is now ready to take on the whimsical nature of the environment. Is there less, dim sunlight? No issues the plant has already developed wide branches and numerous leaves. It utilities the dim sunlight for photosynthesis. Is it not a rainy season? No problem, plants have already reached certain depth through strong roots. It will assimilate moisture and traces of water available under the top layer of the earth. The plant survives a short harsh period unsuitable for fresh growth. the next rainy season brings plenty of water for the plant to grow and become more strong.

Marketing actions generated after the thought process should and will follow the same process. The initial thrust and enthusiasm in marketing activity may not bring desired results. The initial scene may even puncture the enthusiasm balloon of the marketer. It is very important to keep in mind that the marketer is laying the foundation. He/she is creating awareness of the product/service. The selection of appropriate clientele is of importance here. The need will certainly arise if not now, in near future. One needs to dig heels in the ground and stay firm. Enrich the knowledge of your own product/service. Study in-depth competitors' products and devise ways to counteract them. One is now set and ready to ravage the market to his/her advantage.


Plants by this time have grown to be independent and can sustain the vagaries of nature. Scanty rainfall, harsh winds, severe sunlight will not dim the aim of the plant to grow strong and sturdy. Nature initially provides the right atmosphere to grow. Plants grab that occasion and utilize the gift of nature to grow profusely. We have seen plants growing to a huge tree. There are numerous proofs that trees sustain severe environmental degradation and still stand tall for hundreds of years.

Action with dedication and perseverance will bring results. The marketer should remember that he/she is dealing with unknown marketing forces. It is like taming the wild elephant. Wild elephant at a moment's notice without any motive goes berserk destroying everything in its path. A tamed elephant is utilized for accomplishing great work. Similarly calculated, persistent work will bring results. Achieving a result obviously has two people opposite to each other. One is the giver and the other is the receiver This is particularly true for product and service offering. The receiver and giver will change positions during the exchange of money. I am mentioning this to emphasize the fact that the result is slow to achieve. In my career of 20 years I can count on my fingertips, the number of closure I did on my first visit itself. Once you score the first goal then the habit ensures you keep on scoring regularly. The criteria is to stick to perseverance and persistence.


Nature is constant. The inhabitants are transient. It is said whatever the quantity of water was available at the time of formation of the earth remains the same even today.. Nature has a beautiful way of recycling natural resources. Whenever the delicate balance of nature is disrupted, nature mercilessly corrects the imbalance. We see famine, flood, earthquake, and contemplate why all this? We seldom trace the present reaction of nature to our sustained disruptive actions for many many years. New grass grows after it is trampled.

Marketers should not feel that the initial success will repeat every time. No doubt the initial success comes after much effort but the market scene is dynamic. The other person/company who has to make the decision will change his/her priorities. If there is a set back in achieving results then it is transient. Sustained effort is the hallmark of an achiever. I remember two great personalities in this context. Mahatma Gandhi achieved in a peaceful manner. He never wavered from his goal of independence. The other person who wows me is Abraham Lincoln. If you are aware of the life and struggle of Abraham Lincoln before he became president of the United States of America then you will join me in amazement. If you are not aware of the life of Abraham Lincoln then please do read. The goal post of every marketer remains the same but the way to reach the goal post will vary. Sometimes there may be a circuitous route to achieve the result. A little disappointment is alright; it will motivate the marketer to take the challenge.

My most likable quote is “failures are nothing but stepping stones to success” The marketer should be clear in the mind that the customer wants what he/she wants and not what the marketer gives. A big tree is always referred to as doing a benevolent act of giving shade, providing a nesting place for the birds. I often think about a tree; does the tree know that it is involved in such a benevolent act? I tend to think that no, the tree is just following the system set by nature. It does not violate the delicate balance in the environment. A marketer should also take his aspirations and customer requirements in mind. Map the two requirements and keep on doing it regularly. Re-inventing is most important.


Plant kingdom grabs the opportunities presented and follows the system effortlessly. It never stops giving. Nature enables a similar kind of growth across every spectrum of life. There is no dearth in nature’s offering. It is constant. As I wrote earlier, nature corrects the imbalance in its own way.. Earthquake, flood, famine, diseases are the way nature operates to bring balance. It is not destructive in nature. It is constructive in nature. We mourn the loss of lives and property in calamities. Yes, it is human nature to do so. Let us not blame nature as a cruel and hard-hearted force. Think about the advantages of future generations. Nature is a kind-hearted power.

Marketing never stops. The need changes and the offering should be molded as per the need. Now and then a unique product is invented. It breaks all the rules and creates its own path. This trend repeats in a regular time frame. Marketers should continuously engage in learning and adapting to the challenges and aspirations of the customers.

S Cube Relations

Fulfillment is motivation.

The writer is fortunate to visit many places during his journey initially in sales and later in the marketing department. Meeting different customers, discussing their needs, and fulfilling their requirements is really exhilarating.

S cube relations intends to leverage the experience and knowledge gained, to the clients who entrust their whole or part of their requirements. S cube relations also is engaged in digital marketing. We promote the partner's software solutions. We undertake a complete marketing strategy and gather market feedback in real-time.

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Fulfillment is motivation

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